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Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is an Internet technique which allows the user to send numerous phone calls across the Web.

Predictive Dialing Services

Predictive dialing programs dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously to reduce call agent wait times.

International Dialing

MVD allows you to sends thousands of calls across the entire globe through our virtual website.

My Voice Dialing

voice broadcasting

Automated dialing has quickly become the wave of the future in the business communication world. Your company will increase its productivity, revenue, and efficiency by adapting our user-friendly system. Automated dialing has the capacity to send several thousand calls per hour, using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our services can be used in a variety of ways to deliver the best results for your business. One of these is by providing different messages for the recipient to hear, depending on the call's outcome. For example, if the call is answered, the recipient can have the option to press 1 and then be transferred instantly to speak directly to one of your representatives. If, instead, we reach an answering machine, we will play a different customized message in which the intended recipient can hear specific directions regarding how to be reached back at the recipient's earliest convince.

My Voice Dialing (MVD) is here to meet and even exceed all of your advertising needs! My Voice Dialing and its partners provide telephone, Internet, radio, and TV leads. We also feature state-of-the-art predictive dialing, call center services, lead generation, specialized data targeting, surveys, radio advertising, and direct advertising.

MVD is the premier voice broadcasting company in every way. We can provide voice broadcasting samples and references upon request. for your review and convenience. Our account executives will provide a voice broadcasting tutorial. Our auto-dialer program provides multi-answered surveys, polling, voice mail messaging, emergency notification, and help with GOTV. In short, we can help you with all of your advertising needs. What's more, we guarantee the lowest rates-our goal is to build long-term, trusted relationships.

MVD automatic dialing programs work for a broad range of companies. We are committed to meeting your needs. Whether you are an answering service, outbound telemarketing company, or inbound telemarketing center, we are here to assist. We can help convert your outbound telemarketing center into an inbound telemarketing company. Using MVD will change the way you do business: Your costs will be cut, your business maximized, and your communication brought into the fast-paced 21st century.

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Predictive Dialing

As you may see in other areas of MyVoiceDialing.com, we have engineered an advance technique of technological communication called Predictive Dialing. This advanced system has the ability to simply use the internet to simultaneously dial multiple phones numbers.

You may have encountered a computerized call in the past when your phone rang, but an agent was not yet ready to speak to you. Our state-of-the-art technology has outsmarted this common problem. Our technically advanced algorithms calculate the exact times an agent will be ready to speak to a potential customer, and dial at that precise moment. This also cuts down on the time agents spend waiting for an active call. Imagine how this option will advance your company's productivity!

Predictive dialing programs are available as stand-alone applications, or as a software service. SaaS programs are also available. Rather than purchasing and installing the software for a call center, they are conveniently accessed via the Internet, and users subscribe to the service. The user does not need to maintain, patch, upgrade, or provide server space. This is an extremely cost effective way to employ a very beneficial service.

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Political Voice Broadcasting and Dialing

Political voice broadcasting is the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver millions of unique messages and notifications for your campaign. Today's competitive market requires you to react quickly to changes in the market. Unlike more expensive mediums like TV, radio, or direct mail, voice broadcasting allows you to change your message to potential voters within minutes. Your customized messages will reach thousands of potential voters within hours, or even minutes. Imagine the possibilities!

My Voice Dialing works with political parties, non profits, 527, to GOTV. 2010 will be an especially busy year and MVD can help with automated polling, automated calls-robo calls, predictive dialing, voter lists, geo targeting, surveys, radio and media buys. MyVoiceDialing.com will guarantee the lowest available rate. If you can find a lower rate, myvoicedialing.com will match that rate or give you a check for $500.00!

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Political Dialing
We work with political parties, non profits, 527, to GOTV. We can provide automated polling, automated calls-robo calls, voter lists, geo targeting...
Predictive Dialing
Our goal is to reduce your call center costs, and increase your productivity. We use advanced algorithms which calculate a number of factors to reduce call agent wait times and....

International Dialing
International Voice broadcasting is the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver your message to millions across the globe with ease through our virtual website...

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