Predictive Dialing

We have the capacity to meet your needs, no matter the size! If you are looking to outsource your overflow traffic, you've found the right place.

Virtual dialing: there is no phone required, simply an Internet connection. We will insure that it will be set up within 24 hours. No equipment required. Our system can allocate calls by one agent, or fifty agents, according to your need. Call us today, and we will be dialing tomorrow!

Our predictive dialing programs dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously. We use advanced algorithms that calculate a number of factors to reduce call agent wait times. For example, we factor in the number of call agents, the length of time for each call, and the number of validated phone numbers. These calculations are computed in real time and predict the number and timing of validated calls needed to keep agents from waiting between calls.

Since not every phone number dialed will result in a completed call, the predictive dialer also allows for a certain number of calls that can't be validated. This includes disconnected numbers, calls that are not answered or calls answered by automated means, such as answering machines. Since this is often the case, the program dials a certain number of calls above the number of calls actually needed. Again, our advanced algorithm enables the program to predict how many validated calls will be carried out.

Unlike the basic auto-dialer, the predictive dialer does much more than automatically dial and validate a pre-loaded list of phone numbers before routing them to call agents. Our predictive dialing program works to anticipate when an agent will become available to take the call and dials in advance at the exact calculated moment.

Our goal is to reduce your call center costs and increase your productivity. Prior to our predictive dialing program being implemented, agents in outbound call centers often had to wait from one call to the next to receive an actual validated call. Our predictive dialing solves that dilemma by placing a validated call just as the agent hangs up from the previous call. As a result, your productivity and business increase.

Predictive dialing programs are available as stand-alone applications or as a software service. SaaS programs are also available. Rather than purchasing and installing the software for a call center, these programs are conveniently accessed via the Internet, and users subscribe to the service. All you need is a computer; we send you the calls. You do not need to maintain, patch, upgrade, or provide server space. This is an extremely cost effective way to employ a very beneficial service.