Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is an innovative, mass communication technique that allows the user to send hundreds or thousands of phone calls across the Internet instantly. It enables you to conduct effective communication anywhere across the Web, in the blink of an eye. Whether you need professional messages, surveys, or personal reminders, with MyVoiceDialing.com (MVD) you will instantly be able to voice broadcast your alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, product updates, interactive polls, and surveys. Imagine the communication possibilities!

We are committed to assist you in managing your voice broadcast project from our interactive voice broadcasting website. It is designed specifically to guide you through the entire process of voice broadcasting. Create your FREE voice broadcasting account with us today! Let us assist you with the process of recording and storing your messages, managing your call lists, and scheduling delivery. It even allows you to view and download real-time calls and caller key press results.

Our technique caters to both commercial and community communication applications. Due to its ability to reach out to a massive number of potential clients instantly, voice broadcasting is immensely useful for all types of companies. For instance, entire cities and communities can be instantly contacted by emergency response centers in cases of extreme weather warnings.

Voice broadcasting systems manage a database of phone lists as well as digital phone messages. Using telephone components, these computers can broadcast thousands of phone messages at a time. Personalized information can also be included in the phone messages through the integration of Text to Speech software. Advanced systems include Answering Machine Detection- the technology to properly play a unique message on answering machines without message confusion. In other words, our system detects if an answering machine is picking up and will play an appropriate message.

We also provide a state-of-the art, customized "Lead Generation" program specifically designed to satisfy the various requirements of our users. We generate a real lead, and through our professional call center, we are able to transfer the lead to you live while the customer is on the phone. If you are unable to talk, you can call the lead back at your earliest convenience.

MVD specializes in political dialing, cell phones, satellites, travel, debt, health, and public safety. We cater to both small and large businesses alike, locally and globally, including emerging markets. In the US, we work with political campaigns, non-profits, independent expenditure campaigns, (527s), churches, and schools to get their messages out, quickly and efficiently. Our American clients make use of MVD to conduct Business to Business (B2B) marketing. MyVoiceDialing.com is the perfect destination for a complete voice broadcasting experience.

You will be able to control the number of lines that you want to use; increase of decrease lines in use, and activate and block your campaign. MVD features software that can eliminate any and all missed calls. Our virtual dialer services offers a full accounting of: costs incurred, response given, and disposition of calls. Just choose the survey option on the virtual dialer, and the reporting feature will report how the customer answered all of your questions! Through the virtual dialer, you can even upload your own data.

MVD requires you to always be in compliance with all federal, state, and international laws. Please check your local jurisdiction for more detailed information on compliance. For U.S. based businesses, please visit www.DNC.com, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) http://www.fcc.gov, the Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov, the Federal Communications Commission http://www.fcc.gov, and the Do Not Call list registry rules http://www.donotcall.gov. Various State laws place restrictions on certain types of phone calls.


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